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USA (alphabetical by state)

NON-TOXIC TRAILER FOR SALE: (ad posted 9/2014) We have a non-toxic trailer that was built two years ago and was not able to be used. This trailer is one of a kind, and amazingly spacious. Please contact Lia for additional information 512-288-1287.

VEHICLE WANTED: (ad posted 1/15) Seeking a "fragrance free" vehicle for an individual with MCS. Preferably SUV, truck, or crossover although all models will be considered; 2012 or older. Please contact Dina at 480-518-5328 or

TRAVEL TRAILER WANTED: (ad posted 1/15) Travel Trailer: Small "fragrance free" trailer wanted for recreational travel for an individual with MCS. Under 5000 lbs preferred. Please contact Dina at 480-518-5328 or

MCS SAFE 2006 HYUNDAI ACCENT FOR SALE: (ad posted 3/2014) 2006 Hyundia Accent and is a great running car with 98K miles. Never had any chemicals used on it. Gets great gas mileage. I'm asking $5,500 OBO. I'm from Oregon so it has Oregon tags and emissions good until Mar. 2016. The car is with me in AZ right now. I can be reached at 971-275-7618 or leave a message at 888-612-6664. I really hope someone else with MCS buys it because there are so few safe cars for us and I'd hate for it to get ruined for MCS folks if someone without MCS were to buy it. I can send photos by email or text on request.

MCS SAFE TRAVEL TRAILERS: (ad posted 3/2014) Order your own new ultra-light MCS safe travel trailer. Call 888-612-6664 My son, who is a mechanic and a welder, is building me a small travel trailer. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as MCS, so sleeping in my small car while traveling is just too painful. He knows the issues with MCS so is building my travel trailer with 100% non-toxic materials - mostly metal. We're putting a lot of thought into how to build it so that he can build similar ones if other MCS folks want to order one. It will be an ultra light trailer, under 1200 lbs. We are designing it to be flexible. Built in furniture will be multipurpose. And since most MCS folks have limited funds we are building a basic model to sell around $5,000 new. Folks can then add on features as needed to suit their own needs when they can afford to. Mine will probably be 5' wide and 10' long. The trailer tongue length will make it a 13' or 14' length for registration purposes. It will be tall enough to stand in and it will be as aerodynamic as possible to make it less expensive to tow. It will have water storage with a sink and shower; a food prep area (I use an induction hot plate myself) but folks can use whatever they want; a space for a frig (I will use a cooler until I can afford a small frig); a bed that can either convert to seating or a desk/table area for sitting and working; it will be insulated with one of the non-toxic insulation brands available and will have a heater and air circulation with ability to filter and cool as per individual need - most likely as an add-on. I'll probably use an organic cotton futon mattress in mine; but this is something we will leave to each owner to decide for themselves. I'd love to hear from others with MCS who might like a small travel trailer. Even if you aren't ready to commit to buying one feedback from others may help us design something to meet the needs of most MCS folks. I'll be posting videos as we progress with the project on:

HOUSING WANTED: I am looking for a chemical and allergy free place to live anywhere in the USA. Ideally, this is a small apartment or room in a house. I am interested in purchasing a place but want to rent first. I am presently living outside of Albany, New York. I have been told to head to Arizona which I will likely do shortly. Emal Larry here or by phone 774.722.1768. Thank you.

FOR SALE:   Custom trailer (30x8) built  for person with MCS/EI . All electric. Kitchen, full bath, laundry. Redwood exterior. Interior house-style, with regular windows,doors,sheetrock, Cherry and stainless steel floors., A/C and custom ceramic heat. Many other features.  $25,000 ( reduced from $35,000). 706-741-4424  9-9 EST

HOUSING WANTED IN AZ (ad posted 1/15) Rental Home (AZ): Professional couple seeking 2+ bedroom rental home with garage suited for an individual with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Preferably within one hour or so of Phoenix, AZ. Please contact Dina at 480-518-5328 or

HOUSING WANTED IN AZ (ad posted 4/15) I seek an unfurnished apt to rent or townhouse to buy (not too pricey) in Tucson, with the usual fragrance-free, no mold, no recent renovations requirements.  I prefer a 50+ community, unfurnished, 2-bedroom, 2 bath house or duplex, must be single level. I prefer the brick/ block, older, well-maintained buildings.  A community clubhouse and pool would be great.  I must have carpet in the living and bedroom areas due to joint problems.  No steps.  No pets, allergic to cats.  I prefer the east side but would consider nice neighborhoods in other parts of  Tucson.  Contact Corky  at (520) 751-7698.

HOUSING WANTED NEAR HUMBOLDT CALIFORNIA: (ad posted 3/15). Please see my housing ad here:

HOUSING WANTED ON CA COAST: (ad posted 1/15)Woman with moderate to severe MCS seeks safe housing somewhere on the Ca coast. have Ca. In home support services hours, so attendant job could come with housing, if you have experience or are willing to learn and have Safe housing. Need to be near the Ocean with fresh air. Allergies range from wood smoke to indoor toxins, mold, etc please contact:

NON-TOXIC MOBILE TINY HOUSE (SHELL) FOR SALE in Norther California: (ad posted 7/2014) ) I have a one-of-a-kind mobile cabin.  It’s 164 square feet with additional space in two lofts, sleeps 1-2, and is on wheels.  It’s total dimensions are 26’ 10” X  8’5. It was built last summer. The materials are non-toxic and/or have minimal off-gassing. I am selling the house as a “shell" and the interior remains to be completed. My asking price is $29,000. What is completed are the walls (sheathing, insulation, dry wall and electrical), front porch, subfloor, siding and roofing. It is rain proof. I designed this house for myself and fell in love with it, but had an unexpected change in my life and I am moving to the North East and it will not be able to take it with me. Please e-mail Mandy at for more information about the materials used, and for pictures.

HOUSE WANTED PREFERABLY HIGH DESERT CALIFORNIA but will consider other desert or semi-arid areas: (ad posted 7/2014). MCS-Safe. Looking for long-term rental. 2+ bedrooms or 1 plus office, Tile or hardwood (no carpet or laminate). Minimum 2 acre buffer from neighbors,but preferably more. contact Kathleen

FOR SALE NEAR DURANGO, COLORADO: (as posted 6/2015) I am selling a chemical free home near Durango, CO. This home is a Strawbale insulated home completely finished in natural clay plaster, with Adobe floors. I wanted to share it with those with multiple chemical sensitivity.  See listing below, and let me know how best to share with this community: Please call Nathan 970.739.6236.

ROOMMATE HOUSING WANTED IN FL OR ELSEWHERE: (ad posted 1/15) Would like to share a Safe House with a roomate.  Preferably in Florida but am open to other opportunities. If you have a Safe House and want a roomate or if you want to find a Safe House and share it please contact me. or call me at 561-642-5529.

HOUUSING NEEDED IN LEE OR COLLIER COUNTY, FLORIDA (ad posted 2/15): We are looking for low-mold housing due to my mold illness.  We will have to test the home to determine if it is safe.  Our family consists of myself, my husband, college aged son and dog.  We are looking for a 2bd/2ba with a modest rent.  Immediate occupancy is desired.  Please contact me (Paige) at 239-822-6883.

SHORT TERM SAFE HOUSING OFFERED IN FLORIDA: (ad posted 9/2014) Emerald Coast Florida Sublet/ Private Apartment & Studio with Yard. I have a small, quiet, MCS friendly one bedroom apartment which has only one upstairs and downstairs unit behind a home. It also has a detached studio with a beautiful yard, with large oaks and draping spanish moss. One block from the St Andrews Bay in Panama City Florida.  It's a ten minute walk to a quaint, historical downtown with restaurants and two marinas. A fifteen minute drive to emerald waters and white sand beaches. Wifi and TV. No fragrance used. Available Oct 14th thru Dec 15th (2 mths). The rent is $1300 for "two months" with a $600 refundable deposit. Car rental available for responsible person with their own insurance. Please call Tammy at 530.913.0376 for more details.

CUSTOM SAFE HOUSES IN FLORIDA: For Environmentally custom built safe house for sale in Florida see Ad for home with detailed information and pictures in Ocala Florida at Scroll to bottom of web site and click on Browse Homes and then click on Florida. scroll down to Ocala. Or contact

MELBOURNE BEACH, FLORIDA: for rent on the ocean, with a beautiful almost-deserted beach (posted 6/09). Enjoy prevailing ocean breezes and pristine private beachfront yard. Condo units have 600 sq. ft. of living space that includes bath with tub and shower, large bedroom, full kitchen,  living/dining room area. All units are fully furnished with a queen size organic cotton bed, organic cotton futon couch, and metal and solid wood furniture. Floors are ceramic tile throughout. All units have central air. Call Robert at 321-409-8233. Also available for sale and lease, a Green certified, people friendly, ocean front estate in Melbourne Beach with 3 bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 baths, 2-car garage with a 3-room apartment above the garage.

MELBOURNE BEACH, FLORIDA: MCS safe place for rent (sublet) in Melbourne Beach, Florida. I am fortunate to have a MCS safe place in Melbourne Beach, Florida - in the South Beach Island Resorts (formerly known as the Pride and Joy Condos): I have a lease, but need to sublet my unit while I am away. The price I am asking ($1,800/month) is significantly reduced from monthly rates. I am looking for someone who has MCS, who will keep the place safe and uncontaminated, and who is interested in a monthly rental situation (rather than short-term). Please e-mail me if you are seriously interested. Thank you! Anne

APT FOR RENT IN IDAHO: (ad posted 3/14) MCS woman, retired, looking for an MCS safe house or apartment to rent in Northwest Indiana.  Please email your information Thank you.

APT NEEDED IN WI OR IL: (ad posted 6/15) I need a place to rent without a gas stove. It cannot be freshly painted or new. It cannot allow pets, smoking or have WiFi. i need to have central air and electric heat. I have severe allergies and am sensitive to emf. I would prefer to be within 15 miles of the Kenosha WI, Pleasant Prairie WI, Winthrop Harbor,IL or Zion IL areas. I would prefer to rent month to month as well. I can be reached at (847) 731-1334 (Ann).

APT NEEDED NEAR CHICAGO: (ad posted 4/15) I am looking for an apartment to rent for two adults and a child that is close enough to transportation to get downtown Chicago for work daily (metra or Cta lines).  This space needs to be compatible for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (no in building laundry with those who use fabric softer, detergents or those who use regular cleaners in the same building). We have lived in small spaces so size is not an issue.  $900 max rent or $940 with all utilities paid, preferably lower. We have our own portable washer and dryer that does not need any hookup so no in building laundry is fine. Click here to send an email.

WANTED IN INDIANA: (ad posted 5/14) Seeking Chemically Sensitive Indiana residents who are in need of housing and willing to actively participate in the development of an Indiana MCS/EMF Cooperative Housing Community.   A housing co-op with good teamwork, positive attitudes, and goals.    206-426-4580 

HOUSING FOR SALE IN MONTANA: (ad posted 4/15) Home and 3.5 acres in Montana's Rocky Mountains, 5 miles east of Lincoln near the Big Blackfoot River and the Bob Marshall/Scapegoat Wilderness. Owned and occupied by couple with MCS. No pesticides, fragrances, or chemicals used at property for the past eleven years. Private well (no chlorine), east-west valley with good air circulation (less toxins from air inversions), trees and vegetation, house at the end of private drive (no traffic fumes). Home: 1830 sq. ft.; 3 bedrooms; 2 baths; loft; separate 2-car garage/shop with loft storage and studio; 3-car carport with parking for recreational vehicles or van. Two deeded lots. Contact or 406-362-4119..

NEW MEXICO - Eco Casita by the day, week, or month conveniently located between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.  For more information including pictures, please visit: Or call 505-753-2598.

HOUSING NEEDED IN PA (ad posted 6/14) I'm looking for a rental trailer or room-with-frig in the Tiagdaghton, Pennsylvania area for August 13 to 17th, 2014.  Must have no history of water damage, no fragrances including all linens and be smoke-free.  No exceptions due to severe health issues.  We can bring our own linens if needed. If a green travel trailer 3000 lbs. or less is available between Indiana an central PA we could possibly pick it up and return it as well.  Please contact me via email at Thank you.

SAFE RENTAL OR RV WANTED IN PA OR ELSEWHERE (ad posted 8/14) Temporary (month to month or short-term) and affordable mold and MCS safe rental sought by couple with 2 small children. May be looking for longer term if in an area where my husband can find employment (he's a project manager). We're currently in the Philadelphia area and would like to remain relatively close if possible, but are open to other possibilities. We will need to be walking distance to shops, public transportation, or have a sympathetic landlord who can give us an occasional ride since we won't have a car (unless we end up in the southwest and retrieve our truck rather than selling/donating it). We'd prefer to have at least one bedroom. We're looking to move around 8/27/14, but have some flexibility. Must be mold-safe, not just MCS. A second option we would be interested in is purchasing or renting a safe RV. It must be mold-safe as well as MCS-safe (mold is a bigger issue for us). Please contact Jennifer at Thanks!

NEED A PLACE TO PARK MY TRAILER IN TEXAS: (ad posted 7/14) 18 foot Fleetwood travel trailer need a place to park in a mcs safe place.  30 amp plug in and I have an adaptor to plug in a typical 110 v outlet.  You can shoot me an email at

DALLAS, TEXAS SAFE CAR FOR SALE: (ad posted 1/2015) 2004 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan 122,000 miles (214)-245-2293 Leave message for Kathy Carter ….Second owner of car since 2005. Great condition. Has been well maintained. …Smoke, cleaning products and perfume free….All buzzers and chiming bell reminders have been disarmed. Cash Only Asking $5,400 obo ---Need to sell by end of January 2014-replaced brakes, rotors, pads, caliper kit, and intake manifold reseal ....2013-replaced front hub bearings, front and rear struts, thermostat ....…FEATURES: AM/FM Stereo Radio, Air Conditioning, Center Console, Cruise Control, Front Bucket Seats, Interval Wipers, Keyless Entry, Leather Upholstery-(front driver's seat has cracked), Power Brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Defroster, Tachometer, Tilt Steering Wheel, Trip Odometer 19 mpg city 28 mpg hwy

DALLAS, TEXAS Environmental Condos. Condos specially designed for those with MCS offering rental accomodations. We welcome long term residents. Features include: One bedroom one bath, all electric units, aproximately 500 sq. ft., can sleep 4+. Condos are fully furnished with environmental furnishings, 100% cotton futons and linens, all ceramic tile floors, fully equipped kitchen with range, full bath with tub and shower filter, Austin or Amaircare air cleaners available for each condo, fragrance free laundry facilities, environmental housekeeping, in room phones, cable tv, cable internet is available (no wireless), fax, on site infrared sauna and exercise room. Some condos feature ceramic tile walls and all stainless steel racks in the kitchen. No pesticides ever used. Whole Foods Market is less than 1 mile away and offers "concierge" environmental shopping and grocery delivery. Located close to Dr. William Rea's Environmental Health Center of Dallas and to the office of Dr. Alfred Johnson and Associates, as well as several Biocompatible Dentists who specialize in treating those with MCS. Transportation is available to and from medical appointments.Short and long term accomodations are available. Families welcome. For information about Condos for Rental Accomodations, call (469) 556-5049 or email See our website: Check out our photos/ slideshow:

HOUSTON, TEXAS SHORT TERM WANTED: (ad posted 6/14) Houston short term rental wanted: older couple looking for a room in the houston area for 1-4 nights. Contact  OR 830 792 0619.

HOUSING NEEDED NEAR WICHITA FALLSK, TEXAS: (ad posted 05/14) My name is Marianne from Wichita Falls, Texas. I have had mcs since 1992. I am needing safe housing and would be willing to share living quarters with a female. My email is, phone (940) 636-2091.

APT NEEDED IN WI OR IL: (ad posted 6/15) I need a place to rent without a gas stove. It cannot be freshly painted or new. It cannot allow pets, smoking or have WiFi. i need to have central air and electric heat. I have severe allergies and am sensitive to emf. I would prefer to be within 15 miles of the Kenosha WI, Pleasant Prairie WI, Winthrop Harbor,IL or Zion IL areas. I would prefer to rent month to month as well. I can be reached at (847) 731-1334 (Ann).


SAFE TRAILER FOR SALE, VANCOUVER ISLAND (ad posted 2/14) I have a 2014 Camplite (11FDB model) custom made for MCS for sale. All aluminum walls/flooring/cabinets. Electric stove/fridge/heat. Natural latex bed/bench cushions. Custom wood countertops and table. Selling because of restrictions in Disability pension rules. 20K OBO. Location Vancouver Island. Please contact Corinne: or learn more here:

HOUSING WANTED TORONTO, ONTARIO (ad posted 1/14) location away from downtown, with  access to the TTC or a location near the GO train into Toronto, for e.g. Oakville, Clarkson or Port Credit, etc. or in Hamilton, away from its downtown area.  I would love to live in a location away from heavy traffic, which has greenery and cleaner air. Quiet, mature MCS tenant  looking for apartment (away from heavy traffic), which opens directly to the outdoors but does not have a door which opens into the rest of the building - or in a fragrance and chemical-free building. I wish NOT to share air with other apartments because I have chemical sensitivities. I must avoid new paint, new carpet, conventional laundry and cleaning products, pesticides, insecticides, incense, "air fresheners" and wood smoke. I cannot live in a unit which has had a washer and dryer in which conventional laundry products have been used (for eg. Tide and Downey) because I cannot live with the residual fragrance. Wanted: Apartment that is "Pet Friendly" to Cats. (I have fragrance and food allergies, but am not allergic to cats or dogs).   Please contact me by email at or phone at (905) 941-8065.

CANADA: House For Sale in Smithers, BC, Canada: This property was bought and developed as a healing place.  The land is completely clean and unsprayed.  The house is built using absolutely NO glues, solvents or chemicals of any kind.  Untreated birch that has been dried and is faced in a special european mix concrete.  All wood has been milled from the land.  The water is pristine, cystal clear spring water.  The builder came up here to recover from the chemical senstivities he developed after brain surgery.  He has healed himself completely with the cleanliness of this place.  The house is currently unfinished, and will require interior finishing.  An equivalent Chemical Free house is being sold outside Boulder Colorado for $750,000.  This house is for sale for $395,000.  It is located in Smithers, BC, which is renowned for its air quality, and world class skiing and fly=fishing.  It is one of the most picturesque towns in North America.  Please feel free to email with any questions.

Man with mcs looking for rental in Cape Verde Islands. Quiet, calm, respectful.

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